Submit Proposal

Proposal Submission is under construction and not yet live.

Calls for proposal submission will be issued every three months with a specified deadline. Following external review and discussion of awarded projects with the participants from the access sites, successful proposals will be distributed over the EPIC-XS facilities.

Access Site

While applicants can choose a preferred access site, selection criteria will be based on the type of (unique) services provided by a facility and their proven expertise with such services. The principal investigator will be informed of the outcome of their proposal. In such cases where the proposal is rejected, an improved version of the proposal can be re-submitted in the next call. Evaluation reports will be provided for all projects.

Eligible Country

Make sure your institute or research facility is based in one of the eligible countries. The user may not reside in the country where he/she has requested access to specific proteomic technology. Exceptions will be made with respect to generic scientific applications, where national access is allowed.

Projects will be related to proteomic research within the life science arena. All applications will be selected on their scientific merit, technical feasibility, International impact of the research and the standard of scientific expertise from the applicant.


In cases where the user has listed a preferred access site, it should be noted that it is the editor’s discretion to redirect a project to an alternative access site. This can occur in cases where the editor feels that the technology required for the project is better suited to the proteomics technology at another access site, for logistic purposes or at the request of the reviewer. This decision will always be discussed with the user and a check list will be discussed.