Open Access/Publications

All peer-reviewed scientific publications that stem from EPIC-XS project activities must provide open access.


Guidelines on Open Access Guidelines to to Scientific Publications and Open Access to Research Data in Horizon 2020 are available here:   Guidelines on open access


Make sure that all publications resulting from EPIC-XS properly acknowledge the project and the Horizon 2020 funding:


“This work has been supported by EPIC-XS, project number 823839, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union.”


EC-Funded Initiative

OpenAIRE, is an EC funded initative designed to promote the open access policies of the EC and helps researchers, research officers and project coordinators comply with them.

EPIC-XS has its own page on OpenAIRE (EPIC-XS OpenAIRE), featuring project information, related project publications and datasets, and a statistics section. This information can be freely used for reporting purposes, generating tailor-made publication lists and statistics.