Open Access Publications

All peer-reviewed scientific publications that stem from EPIC-XS project activities MUST BE OPEN ACCESS PUBLICATIONS  and must  properly acknowledge the project and the Horizon 2020 funding.

EU Funded Initiatives

Open Research Europe – Open Access Publishing Platform

The European Commission has now officially launched Open Research Europe (ORE), the open access publishing platform for scientific articles that present the results of research funded by Horizon 2020, and soon Horizon Europe.  The first articles submitted have already been published. We invite you to see for yourself how the research community has embraced this new publishing venue.

The Europen Commission covers the article processing costs so it’s completely free to publish on the platform. The platform also allows researchers to share results and insights rapidly as well as facilitating open and constructive research discussions. (


OpenAIRE, is an EC funded initative designed to promote the open access policies of the EC and helps researchers, research officers and project coordinators comply with them.

EPIC-XS has its own page on OpenAIRE (EPIC-XS OpenAIRE), featuring project information, related project publications and datasets, and a statistics section. This information can be freely used for reporting purposes, generating tailor-made publication lists and statistics.