EPIC-XS offers transnational access to all researchers within the EU and associated countries via peer review proposal submission. Access costs are paid by the EU.


EPIC-XS supports all European member states and associated countries as well as International laboratories (in a more limited capacity), to perform proteomics research across a trans-national platform. Please be aware that the access site selected cannot be in located in the same country as the applying scientist.


A total infrastructure of over 80 state-of-the-art mass spectrometers are available in eleven transnational access sites.

Our team  have over 30 Orbitrap’s, more than 10 Q – TOF’s, and  5 Triple Quad’s. The platform also houses a series of MALDI-TOF/TOF’s and FT-ICR high resolution instruments. Different access sites will host projects with different requirements according to the technological expertise available  (e.g. PTM analysis, membrane protein analysis, Bio-imaging, native structure analysis, native MS).


Whether you’re an experienced proteomics researcher or a a novice, we welcome you to take part in EPIC-XS. All access costs to facilities are supported, as well as travel and accommodation for the duration of experiments, where applicable.