EPIC-XS offers transnational access to all researchers within the EU and associated countries via peer review proposal submission. Access costs are paid by the EU.


EPIC-XS supports all European member states and associated countries as well as International laboratories (in a more limited capacity), to perform proteomics research across a trans-national platform.

National access is permitted only in situations where a particular generic technologies e.g. 2D gel electrophoresis, in gel digestion etc  are available at multiple locations and the user cannot claim travel expenses when availing of national access and is limited to 10% of access capacity of the site.


A total infrastructure of over 80 state-of-the-art mass spectrometers are available in eleven transnational access sites.

Our team  have over 30 Orbitrap’s, more than 10 Q – TOF’s, and  5 Triple Quad’s. The platform also houses a series of MALDI-TOF/TOF’s and FT-ICR high resolution instrument and imaging instrumentation to allow for in situ analyses of proteins in cells and tissue. Different access sites will host projects with different requirements according to the technological expertise available  (e.g. PTM analysis, membrane protein analysis, Bio-imaging, native structure analysis, native MS).


Whether you’re an experienced proteomics researcher or a a novice, we welcome you to take part in EPIC-XS. All access costs to facilities are supported, as well as travel and accommodation for the duration of experiments, where applicable.