Access For All

Access For Academia

Transnational access is provided free of charge, including support, travel and accommodation for the duration of the experiments, where applicable. Applications from researchers with limited proteomics experience are also encouraged, as EPIC-XS aims to help further develop and expand proteomic research across Europe. All applicants should note that their research work will be available for publication.

National Access

National access is permitted only in situations where a particular generic technologies e.g. 2D gel electrophoresis, in gel digestion etc  are available at multiple locations. It should be noted that the user cannot claim travel expenses when availing of national access.

Access For Companies

EPIC-XS is open to all industry including small to medium sized enterprises. They will however be subject to the same peer-review process as their academic parties and will agree to disseminate their results and submit their data to publicly available data repositories such as PRIDE. In such cases where companies wish to protect their Intellectual Property, separate contracts will be drawn up between the company and the access site and EPIC-XS will serve as a mediator.

While all large companies will be required to publish their results, SME’s will be exempt, except in cases where the project involves an academic partner. A pool of reviewers having non-disclosure agreements in place will be called upon to evaluate proposals from industry.


EPIC-XS supports all European member states and associated countries  as well as International laboratories (in a more limited capacity), to perform proteomics research across a transnational platform. Please be aware that the access site selected cannot be in located in the same country as the applying scientist.

Access is provided by successful proposal submission and peer – review acceptance. The review board is composed of international independent expert reviewers in the field of proteomics. The review committee will select projects based on their quality and feasibility and on the available expertise in the facilities providing access. They will take into consideration the impact the project will have in all areas of life science.