Access for companies

Access For Companies

EPIC-XS is open to all industry including small to medium-sized enterprises. Companies will be subject to the same peer-review process as their academic parties and will agree to disseminate their results and submit their data to publicly available data repositories such as PRIDE.

Intellectual Property Protection and Confidentially

All EPIC-XS  projects are reviewed confidentially and are not published in any domain. In such cases where companies wish to protect their Intellectual Property, separate contracts can be drawn up between the company and the access site and EPIC-XS will serve as a mediator.

Publication of Results

While all large companies will be required to publish their results, SME’s will be exempt, except in cases where the project involves an academic partner. A pool of reviewers having non-disclosure agreements in place will be called upon to evaluate proposals from industry.

Industrial Users experiences: If you want to find out how our industrial users have experienced EPIC-XS you can do so here.