Clinical Proteomics Discussion Room CTLS2021

Clinical Proteomics: Current status, Challenges, and Future perspectives

Clinical Proteomics, an approach to analyze proteins in any biological system, carries many benefits over probing genes or mRNA. Proteins are the functional units of the cell and hence contain more accurate information about the current biological (or pathological) cell state. With the advent of robust and high-throughput mass spectrometry-based proteomics techniques and bioinformatic tools to analyze large data sets, basic research as well as translational, from bench-to-bedside, research has been booming. Forbes has called proteomics “one of the most exciting hypergrowth industries in the world today”; and with more than 95% of FDA-approved drugs currently targeting proteins, and the majority of diagnostic tests being protein-based, it is easy to understand why. Introducing proteomics into the clinic to guide patient stratification and treatment is already undergoing, but comes with a very special set of challenges.

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